Monday, February 18, 2013


i love to organize.  i don't always have time for it, but it makes me oh-so-happy when i do.  and, in case you hadn't noticed, pinterest has a ton of awesome ways to organize, and lots and lots of links to organizational sites.

one i found last year is  the woman that runs this site is awesome.  if you sign up for e-mails, you can get a copy of her organization calendar.  basically, she gives you one clean-up/organizing task per day (except sundays) each week, month by month.  it's such a stress-free thing to only think about one thing each day.  i'm not great at doing it every single day, but i try.

one of the things on the list for last week was to clean out a junk drawer.  i did, and it looks amazing now.  see, it's so organized!

yes, all those scissors need to be there...they have different functions, and i made michael promise to never touch my orange Fiskar scissors...those are NOT everyday scissors, i don't care if it makes sense to anyone but me.

it makes me happy to open this drawer now.  i didn't take a before pic, but you can imagine it.  full of batteries (we have a battery holder in the garage, why weren't they out there?), broken rubber bands, birthday candles (yes, i save all our birthday candles, because some of them can be used again and i'm kind of a cheapskate), drawer pulls (from three years ago when i was trying to decide what hardware to use in the kitchen...and no, i still haven't decided), the list goes on.  it was chaos, now it's not.

i also reorganized our medicine cabinet last year.  this was inspired by a picture i saw on pinterest.

if i had a fancy vinyl machine, i would have made better labels, but i don't, so i didn't

every drawer is labeled, so now the hubs doesn't have to come ask me what medicine he should take based on his symptoms.  and the kids' medicine is separated from the adult medicine, which i really like.  and injuries have their own holder, because that's the most commonly used section of our medicine cabinet, which is both a blessing and a curse.

i have a lot more ideas and projects in store to organize our lives a little better, i just need the time and money to implement them.  baby steps, right?  unless i win the lottery, then i'll take huge, giant adult steps.  but that doesn't seem likely.  so we'll stick to the baby steps, for now.


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