Thursday, February 14, 2013

love and sacrifice

happy valentine's day!  eleanor is super excited, because we made valentines for her classmates, and she finally got to take them to school today.  i found this awesome printable

~ ~

on pinterest (where else, right?), and eleanor decided she wanted to do pink ones for the girls, and blue for the boys.

and amazingly enough, i actually got started on these on monday night (!), so we weren't rushing to finish them last night.  i am sooooo a last-minute-hurry-and-get-it-done kind of person, so i'm really proud of myself for starting a project like this ahead of time.  excuse me while i pat myself on the back for a moment.

okay, done.

apparently, though, i'm not "fast enough", so even though i did all the legwork and got all the materials and started the project, daddy gets to finish it up because he doesn't take as long as i do.  while i think that's highly unfair, it's not like i can argue that point with a 4 year old. 

so here's daddy on wednesday night putting the butterflies together:

brother got to help, too!

the finished product!

aren't they adorable?!

the most important part is that eleanor is happy, and she actually got to help make them (she put all the stickers on herself).

speaking of making children happy (how's that for a segway, eh?)...

lent started yesterday, and of course i hadn't decided what to give up yet, so i had to think about it all day.  i finally decided on something last night when i was driving home from work.  i actually sort of stole this from another blog, but i can't remember where i read it (if it was your blog and you're reading this, please let me know so i can give credit where credit is due!).

i'm giving up being a "no-mom" for lent.  i've realized that i tell my older kids "no" way too often.  they ask me to come play with them, or see something they've created, or read a book, and i say "no".  i have a million excuses, most of which center around the fact that after a full day at work, i'm tired and just want to be lazy for a few minutes.  but that isn't exactly fair to the kiddos, you know.

so for the next 39 days, i'm going to be a "yes-mom".  when they want to show me something, i'm going to say "okay", and go see it.  when eleanor brings me a book she wants me to read, i'm going to say "sure, honey", and read it.  when victor wants me to follow him to the back for no real reason, i'm going to say "absolutely, buddy", and let him pull me around the house.

*there are, of course, exceptions.  if i'm in the middle of cooking something i can't walk away from, i'll have to ask for a temporary delay; and if they're asking for something we can't actually do (like go to the park at 8 o'clock at night), i'll have to say no.*  but you get the idea.  "yes-mom", i am.


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